States of our Union opens 4/20 at Wild Project!

States of Our Union
3 Short plays by Ed Valentine & Rob Reese

This evening of short plays explores the current state of our post-2016-election nation with vibrant words, stunning visuals…and occasional crocodile faces. NYC premieres by author/director Rob Reese and writer Ed Valentine (3 time Daytime Emmy winner, Sesame Street).

State of the Union
By Ed Valentine, Directed by Rob Reese
Sam and Betsy get up close and personal with their Commander in Chief, but not all is as it appears!
Starring Noel MacNeal, Rodney Umble, Laura Valpey, Jennifer Williams

101 Reasons to Thank Your God for Donald J Trump, Vladmir J Putin, and My Dad Who’s a Dick!
Written and Directed by Rob Reese
An anecdotal sermon, stump speech, and Ted Talk that promises only to deliver on none of its promises!
Starring Irina Kuraeva, Rodney Umble, Laura Valpey

St Christopher
By Ed Valentine, Directed by Rob Reese
A lady astronaut and the Discounted Patron Saint of Travelers take a road trip.
Starring Noel MacNeal, Jennifer Williams

Performances ($18):
Thursday 4/20 – 8:30pm
Friday 4/21 – 7pm
Monday 4/24 – 5pm
Wednesday 4/26 – 9pm


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